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March 30, 2024

We bought several large collections recently. We have updated the French and British lists completely.

In stock is a large selection of WWF worldwide countries stamps issued up until 2016. Lots to choose from in this popular topic.
Click here for the new WWF stamps list.

Don't forget our other topical list of Disney stamps.
Click here for the Disney stamps list.

You can now download our latest Stamp & Cover Lists here (in PDF format). Just click on your interests.

To reflect the 2024 Scott Volumes 1A through 6B catalogue values, we have updated the British (all 3 parts), French, Disney and WWF lists while adding hundreds of new stamps.

We are always buying. Due to the large increase in British stamp stock, we have now split the British issues into 3 separate PDFs.

Catalog numbers that are underlined (e.g. 123) designate blocks or souvenir sheets that are stored in small or large 3-ring binders. We are currently updating all our lists to reflect this. It makes it easier to locate them.

1. Download and print the Order Form for BRITISH or FRENCH stamps.
2. From the lists, fill out the stamps you need and Credit Card details.
3. Add up the total catalog value, figure the discount and postage to get your total.
4. Save your filled-out Order Form in PDF format, then email it to

Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps.
45% of Scott 2024 catalog. That's a 55% discount ! Be prepared to go through a massive list.
We are constantly buying stamps and adding to our list.
The list reflects the Scott 2024 catalog values for all countries A through Z (before the discount).
Bacause of its massive size, the list is now split into three parts
British Commonwealth Stamps, Great Britain and A through F countries.
British Commonwealth Stamps, G through M countries.
British Commonwealth Stamps N through Z countries.

France and French Colonies Stamps.
From 50% of Scott 2024 catalog. That's from half price !
We are constantly buying stamps and adding to our list.
We have completely updated the list with hundreds of new stamps added since the last list.
The list reflects the Scott 2024 catalog values for all countries A through Z (before the discount).

Rest of the World Stamps.
45% of Scott 2018-2024 catalog. That's a 55% discount !
Due to limits on our time, we have have not been able to totally update all stamps on this list to the 2024 Scott catalog values. The Scott catalog values shown can be anywhere from 2018-2024. When you order, the latest 2024 Scott catalog value will be applied before the 55% discount.

NEW - Name Your Price.
Upon going through our huge stock of stamps we weed out all those stamps that have imperfections such as short perfs, thins, surface scuffs, heavy postmarks etc.
Many stamps are of high 2024 catalog value in this illustrated list. Make an offer on any stamp shown. Great space fillers. What a deal!
British Stamps - Name Your Price.
French Stamps - Name Your Price.

Note to Scott Catalog editors.
Please stop marking hundreds of sets up 5c or down 5c. We know why you do it. It's so you can say in your advertising that there are thousands of changes since the last edition.
How phony is that !
It's a terrible waste of dealers and collectors time to change these hundreds of petty increases/decreases. The minimum increase or decrease should be 50c or more.
Better to leave values alone unless there is a REAL market change and not one based on marketing your catalogs.

We have bought out the remaining stock of Hawaii Post and can supply stamps and FDCs until sold out. Lots of topical Hawaii-related stamps.

Hawaii Historic Covers -
These Hawaii-themed covers were issued from 1979 to 1999 and include many topics all related to Hawaii. We can sell these covers until sold out.

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