On January 8th 1873, Prince William Lunalilo, the highest ranking chief, became King Lunalilo of Hawai'i. The next day, on January 9th 1873, his coronation took place before a crowd of 3,000 at the Kawaiaha'o Church in Honolulu. See cachet text (below) for a description of the Coronation ceremony.

ENVELOPE: White. Size 6.5" x 3.5" (165mm x 92mm).
CACHET: Black and White picture of Kawaiaha'o Church as it appeared in the 1870's (from an original photo). Plus a small black and White picture of King Lunalilo (from an original photo). (bottom left).
CACHET TEXT: "125TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CORONATION OF KING LUNALILO OF HAWAI'I (in red). At noon on January 9th 1873, King Lunalilo of Hawai'i entered the Kawaiaha'o Church to the sound of cheering. He was handsomely dressed in black with a broad scarlet ribbon across his body and wearing the silver star of Royalty. Present was the Chief Justice and members of the late King Kamehameha Fifth's cabinet. An immense crowd filled the church and grounds outside. The King sat in a throne chair covered with a royal mantle of golden feathers. Guards wearing feathered capes and bearing royal kahilis stood on each side. The King took the oath of office and then gave a speech. Afterwards the choir sang "God save the King" as Lunalilo left the church and walked back to Iolani Palace."
STAMP: 32c yellow rose stamp (Scott # 3048).
CANCELLATION: Circular date stamp cancel "HONOLULU HI WAIKIKI STA - JAN 9 1998."
ITEM # 98JAN09
PRICE: $3.50

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